WooCommerce Product URLs

I'll be honest with you, this tip may not be the right one for you on day 2 of this 30 day series on improving your WooCommerce site, but it bothers me so much that I moved it up on the list.

I hate WooCommerce product URLs. Because it doesn't ever feel natural to me.

When I'm selling something, like a t-shirt that says “Cool Story Bro”, I would love for the url to look different.


Or if I'm doing a promotion—

But instead, I get something like—http://cooldesignbro.com/product/cool-story-bro-t-shirt/

What do you notice?

It says “product” right in the middle. And while WooCommerce gives me some tools to change “product” (or sometimes you see “store” or even “product-category”), most of the time, I end up with WooCommerce product URLs that I really don't love.

Setting more than a single URL

What if I wanted something like this?

  • http://cooldesignbro.com/shirts/cool-story-bro
  • http://cooldesignbro.com/big-and-tall/cool-story-bro
  • http://cooldesignbro.com/black/cool-story-bro

What you probably start realizing is that there are a lot of reasons to want different kinds of urls. Sure, this is an SEO issue—but I'm not an SEO pro, so I leave that to others to explain.

I'm talking about the stuff I know much better.

I want urls that people react to when they read it. I want it to say something to them. If you're looking for black shirts or big and tall shirts, those other urls are going to get you to click.

I'm talking about the human element of it, not the Google perspective. And in the end, I find that when you think about humans, you end up doing right by Google anyway.

Good news!

The good news is this. On day two of this 30 day WooCommerce Help Guide, there's a plugin that will help you do all of this. It's called Perfect SEO URL, and I'm positive you're going to dig it.

It will dramatically change how you configure and enjoy your WooCommerce Product URLs. And it does more than just the tip I'm giving you here.

But it will most certainly let you craft custom and multiple targeted product URLs for your WooCommerce store. And that's my recommendation to you.