WordPress businesses, this SaaS is for you!


Your Mileage May Vary

Every few weeks or months I see a tweet show up that offers me the top 25 plugins for my site.

Mind you, this is before anyone knows what I do on my site. Yet they know that I need it on my site.

I'm not going to do that. You may or may not need what I'm about to show you. It may not apply.

And if so, I'm ok with that.

But I'll tell you right now – most of the folks I know who sell products or services from their website – if you're a WordPress-oriented business selling products or services, you're going to want to check this out.

It's a service called Drip.

Are you offering a free email course?

Everyone says the same thing – it's your list! You have to build your list!

What they're talking about is your email list. It's filled with people who have proactively told you that you can email them. No spam worries if you treat your list right.

But some people will be hesitant to sign up for your email list – especially if they're not sure your website content will deliver the same value consistently.

Maybe they only liked one post?

One approach is to invite them to consider a limited engagement offering – I'm talking about a free email course.

This way you're saying, “trust me enough to get 4 emails from me?” instead of saying, “trust me as I send you 1000 emails.”

Drip lets you build that.

DripOnlineEmailCoursesAre you selling products?

Lots of folks are selling products. And many of them are using Stripe.

Are you?

Because if so, and you want to send automated emails every time someone buys something from you, you can do that.

Drip lets you build that.


Now, I know – you're going to tell me you can do that with other software. It's true. You can buy an extension for different eCommerce products that helps you do this.

Or  you can subscribe to a different SaaS (software as a service) that lets you send a lot of emails.

But few are this simple – to create the Goal and trigger the event of sending out an email.

And if you use Stripe – it will automatically work – no coding.

You have tons of flexibility with Drip

If you don't dream of writing code for everything you need to get done, or better yet, if you have tons to get done and can't afford to spend time doing internal work – you're going to love the flexibility of Drip.

Check out the simple ways you can create rules by looking at the Triggers available and the Actions that can be set up to run any time a trigger is fired.


And now actions…


I know a company that had to pay developers to tap into the MailChimp API so that when a person ended one automated email course, it would automatically put them into a different list.

They had to pay for that code.

Because even though MailChimp has started adding some automation rules, they don't go far enough to deliver the ultimate value that you'll want as a business.

Drip is for all online businesses

I started by telling you that this was for WordPress businesses, and it is.

But it's not just for theme and plugin vendors. Even freelancers could use this.

Anyone with an online presence who wants to manage their relationships with prospects and customers should consider it.

And for $49 / month, it's definitely a SaaS you should all consider.

Compared to other marketing automation solutions out there, you'd be silly not to look at and compare it.