Even if you don’t agree, I think you are awesome. Here’s why.

Every now and then it hits me – that kind of “aha” moment that challenges me. Today I had it.

Likely it was because I had recently watched Cory Miller's lightning talk from WordCamp San Francisco.

So the concept was already bouncing around in my head. It has been all week.

But today, after a series of hard phone calls at work, the aha moment arrived.

Here's the story.

Your “good enough” is likely to be someone else's “awesome.”

We hold back. Because if we can't do it right, perfect, amazing and wonderful, then we rather not do it at all. Right?

That's pure crap.

If I didn't cook until I was a master chef (which will never happen), I'd starve.

We have to learn to embrace the idea that it's ok to release, into the wild, our “good enoughs” because we don't know how others will receive it.

Others may appreciate it way more than we ever imagine.

You are awesome!

You've had experiences I can't dream of. And because of that, I'll never be able to do what you can. I'll never be as comfortable as you are. What you can face, and handle, and do is likely to be incredible to me. And to you it's just ok.

So let me tell you right now.

You're awesome. (even your good enough stuff is awesome)

So do me a favor.

Hit publish.

Press record.

Click send.

Turn on the microphone.

Upload it.

Send that letter.

Whatever you've been holding back from doing, stop waiting.

Stop hesitating.

And just do it.