Building your First WordPress plugin? No one will tell you this…

It can be a scary thing – building  your first WordPress plugin. I get it.

Or maybe you don't know enough to be scared. So you're stepping into it with full confidence (and no idea what's around the corner).

Either way, several things could happen:

  • It could take off and suddenly you have more support requests than ever
  • It could take off and suddenly you have more eyes looking at your code
  • It could go nowhere and even your mom won't try it on her site

The truth of it is that none of these things is the worst thing that could happen. Trust me – I could tell you stories.

But today I simply want to give you one piece of advice that most first-time plugin developers don't know.

Most of the time you're out there on your own, searching google for how to resolve an issue. But you're missing out in a big way.

No one tells first time WordPress plugin developers this

You can get help.

I'm not talking about an online course that can teach you to write plugins better.

I'm not just talking about help builiding your first plugin.

I'm not even talking about the mechanics of running an affililate program to extend your reach.

Yes, it's true, Pippin does a bunch to help you.

But I'm talking about something that most first time developers desperately want. Help.

Actual help coding your plugin.

Get your plugin on GitHub

When you put your plugin on GitHub and invite a few folks to look at it, you're doing something counter-intuitive.

I know – it's a scary thing to put code up in front of others that they can critique.

You may attract some folks who are jerks.

But by far most of the folks out there are looking to help.

And you may not know what you don't know.

You may not know that you've done something in a way that isn't the best way, or the right way.

And that only happens when you put your code under the light of a community that wants to help.

That's the thing no one talks about

Putting your code in front of others, for them to critique, is scary but can bring you tons of value.

You'll get better and your code will get better.

  • You might mitigate and remove support issues before they show up
  • You will worry less about others looking at your code
  • Your code might get so good your mom tries it

And those folks that do give you input and help you – they may also become promoters and help you get the word out!

So get your first plugin on Github and let me know about what you're doing.