7 Reasons to Make Your WooCommerce Store Fast

10 Reasons to Make Your WooCommerce Store Fast

When you built your store, it wasn't a science experiment. You wanted to make sales. So you put in the work, got some help, and got your store online. And then you waited. Maybe you got a few sales. But nothing like what you wanted. And now you're wondering if this whole thing was a mistake. Good news – it wasn't. Today I'm going to give you the 7 reasons you want to make your WooCommerce store fast. And you better believe that increased revenue is one of them!

Why make your WooCommerce store fast?

Most people will tell you that you can't make a WooCommerce store fast. But I beg to differ. We have tons of lightning fast stores at Nexcess that do millions of dollars in yearly revenue.

The benefits of a fast online store are too numerous to mention. But I'm going to give you 7 reasons to focus on speed and performance.

Reason One: Customer Delight

If your site is slow, people will be frustrated. And if they're frustrated, they won't spend money with you. I know I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. But if you think about how you feel when a site takes forever to load, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And when things load up instantly, you're happy. So if you want your customers happy, make your site fast.

Reason Two: Engagement

When your site is slow, people click to close the tab. When your site is fast, they spend more time on your site, browse around, and click more. More clicks equals greater engagement, which is a leading indicator of spending money with you. So speed things up.

Reason Three: We're All Busy

More and more eCommerce is done on a mobile device? Why? It's not because we're all sitting at home with nothing to do and we like our phones more than a large screens. Nope. It's because we're all busy. We're on the go. So our purchases are between doing things. And that means we don't have a lot of time. If your site takes too long to load or to move from one page to the next, I'm out of here. I'll come back later. (Narrator: he never comes back later.)

Reason Four: I Can Shop Elsewhere

Let's be honest. Unless you're the only one selling something, I can find whatever I'm looking for somewhere else. So if you can't deliver an experience that is fast and enjoyable, I can just go back to Google and look for another option.

Reason Five: I'll Abandon My Cart

Seven out of ten people abandon their cart. It's not always because a store is slow, but that's often the case. And when I get frustrated with how slow things are, I leave. Even if I have stuff in my cart and I was serious about buying stuff. I know – I did it last night. Just closed the browser on my phone and opened up a TV show because I was frustrated.

Reason Six: I'll Spend More

The other day I was making a purchase at ProperCloth – my favorite clothing store. It sells custom shirts. But it lets me save all my customizations (front pocket, collar type, etc) and my sizes in named profiles. Because of that, I can pick a fabric and be done customizing my product in seconds. And because of that, I bought way more shirts than I initially intended. I did that because I was enjoying the experience.

Reason Seven: Because Fast Makes Things Fast

Fast.co is a one-click checkout solution that makes your checkout lightning fast. I told you about Fast.co a while ago in an earlier post when I told you Nexcess was partnering with them to make Fast available to all our customers.

Well, the initial invitations have started going out to our customers. And as we onboard more and more of them, everyone will eventually get an opportunity to experience how fast Fast.co really is.

You can try Fast.co for yourself

You don't need to be hosted at Nexcess (though seriously, why not give it a try) to try Fast.co. It's the leading one-click checkout solution that is so fast, your customers will be delighted, buy more, and forget to abandon their carts.

You can find the plugin available right now, ready for any WooCommerce store.