Be The Same You Everywhere

We Started CaboPress Tonight…

You know I publish daily. You know that each post is meant to help you – whether you're an eCommerce merchant, an online learning or membership person, a product developer, an agency owner, or just looking for business advice.

Most posts are 800-1200 words and share a single bit of advice. Today's will be shorter. Partially because it's late. Partially because I have to get ready for tomorrow. And partially because the idea today is really simple.

Today I started my 8th version of CaboPress – a business conference that I've hosted in Cabo San Lucas at the Fiesta Americana every year except last year (because of COVID).

The photo you see here is me on the right. On the left is my dad. And that head at the bottom is my mom. What I did here is that I invited my parents to spend the week at my resort while I ran my conference.

It was the special thing that happened tonight.

My parents, who frankly have never seen me at work, and likely have no idea what I do for a living, got to be here and experience a tiny bit of it.

Now, to be clear, my advice to you isn't to bring your parents to work. My advice isn't really about parents at all.

Here it is. Really simple to write. Harder to live out.

It's easy to create multiple versions of who you are. Who you are at work. Who you are in your friendships. Who you are at church. Who you are at the gym. Who you are in your family.

You keep changing you who are to please someone. Or to eliminate stress. Or to hide from conflict. Or to be popular.

We all can get pulled into wearing masks for each community we're a part of. I lived this way in high school. But got exhausted. So in college I started working on being one person everywhere.

It got harder as I got married and raised a family and continued to try to be the same person everywhere. In every context.

And that's my advice to you tonight. Pull all your worlds together, even force it. Force yourself to be the same person in every context.

And tonight I got to do that by bringing my family, the folks that have known me since I was born, together with some friends I invited, and of course, the customers of my conference.

There's nothing more relaxing than not having to context switch when it comes to being me. I want to be the same person consistently. It's actually freeing.

I highly recommend it to you.