Becoming a better blogger

Becoming a better blogger is just like becoming a better guitarist

There's no way you become a great (or even decent) guitarist without picking up a guitar, grabbing a music book, learning where the notes and positions are, and this is the most important part, practicing the guitar.

You don't play the song the right way the first time. You don't play it perfectly. Instead, you play, and you play, and you play—again and again and again—until you get good.

And the same is true for blogging.

You want to get better at writing. You must write. Not a little. A lot. Consistently.

Because the bad stuff you do, the mistakes you make, go away after time. But you have to put in the time to make everything work.

I delivered a 2-hour workshop on this

This past weekend I delivered a two-hour workshop on becoming a better blogger. It was enough time to dig into details, but not so long that people got bored.

After all, there are tons of questions that I normally get when talking with folks about getting better at blogging.

So I crafted the workshop around those questions:

  • How do you find topics?
  • What mistakes should I avoid?
  • How do you write consistently?
  • What kinds of posts could / should I write?
  • How do you speed up your writing?
  • How do you structure your posts?

But the challenge is that the slides never do the workshop or talk justice, right? Because slides are there to reinforce what I was saying, and those words aren't on the slides.

So I decided to fix this problem.

I created the 20-minute version of the workshop

Now you can watch—for free—the 20-minute version of the workshop as I walk you thru the slides and give you a tiny bit of the commentary that I shared this past weekend.