Custom T-Shirts: Create Your Own Store in 20 Minutes

hopet-onme“Where can I buy one?”

I was standing on a stage, getting roughly 300 people to repeat after me, “Hope is not a strategy.” And if you would have asked others that day if they believed I could get them to do it, most would have said no. But I had a cheat sheet for people. Right before I got on stage, I changed into a t-shirt that had it printed. Huge. For everyone to read.

Not a lot of folks wear t-shirts with their own sayings. But hey, each of us is willing and unwilling to do some things to get audience participation. Right?

After the talk was done, a couple people came up to talk – except not to talk about the talk. They wanted to talk about the t-shirt. And over the next few days, the conversation appeared on twitter as well.

“Where can I buy one of those shirts?”

So I created a store

At the time, all my custom t-shirts were one-offs. Created by me, for me. Never for someone else.

[tweet “People wanted my t-shirts, so I created a WooCommerce store.”]

But now it was time to try something new. To create an online store that could sell my t-shirts for anyone that wanted one.

So I created it – using WooCommerce and Printful. The first delivers the eCommerce features. The second delivers the fulfillment.

You can see it here: Cool Design Bro.

Then the new questions came in

Instead of, “Where can I get that shirt?” the new question was, “How did you create that t-shirt store?”

[tweet “In 20 minutes, you can create an entire t-shirt store & factory.”]

And so I decided to record a video for you. It's 20 minutes long. And it takes you thru the entire process.

So that you can build a t-shirt store just like mine. In 20 minutes.

There you go – every single step. Nothing hidden. And you know what, there's something you should know before jumping into this…
(hint: if the gear in the play controls doesn't show “HD” then click the gear and pick an HD resolution so you can see the details)

This is hard work

Look, I want to help you. I want to show you that you can do it. I want you to know that the technical part of this is easy.

[tweet “Without a plan, it's easy to burn cash fast without results.”]

But you need to know some other things.

  • Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should do it.
  • Just because it's easy to create, doesn't mean it's easy to sell.
  • It won't cost you much to get started, but it will cost you to market it.

So before you get into this game…make sure you have a plan. Without a plan, you'll also find it's really easy to spend a lot of money without getting any results.

Resources for your store

Good luck. And go buy a t-shirt!