Everyone Needs ZipMessage

Remember When I Told You About ZipMessage For Coaches?

Back in May I told you about ZipMessage and how you could use it for your coaching business. And since then, if we've talked on a zoom call, or been at a conference together, I've told you about it. Today I'll tell you that every one of you, no matter what you do or who you are, needs ZipMessage.

Other than my array of hats, what you'll notice in this little strip of ZipMessage calls, is that I used ZipMessage for hiring, for pre-sales inquiries, and to share content as part of someone else's online course.

There aren't many other utilities that offer this much value in a single solution with this many ways to deliver value.

Today They Launched Zapier Integration

Remember when I told you (seconds ago) that ZipMessage was for everyone? I wasn't lying. Until now, you might have pushed back on me and explained how ZipMessage didn't work for your specific scenario.

I would have agreed to disagree because I think high fidelity video in an asynchronous context is good for everyone. But I would have let the discussion stand.

But not today.

Because today they announced integration with Zapier.

There is no greater or stronger name in the game of automation. And now, when you combine the two, you can do just about anything.

  • Sales: If you're doing pre-sales on ZipMessage, why not integrate with Freshbooks to send out an invoice when that answer comes in?
  • Support: If you're helping customers, why not give VIPs access to your top support folks via ZipMessage when they open a new ticket?
  • Onboarding: When a person buys the right product, create a new ZipMessage conversation with that customer to help them onboard in a personal way.

Seriously – this makes ZipMessage so much more powerful than before simply by giving other apps the additional feature of asynchronous video.

Still Not Sure About Asynchronous Communication?

When I say “asynchronous high fidelity video communication,” most people have their eyes glaze over. I get that. But there's no better way to describe what I'm talking about.

Or is there? What if there was a better way to explain it? Well, then I should share it with you, right?

So here you go – directly from Brian, the creator and founder of ZipMessage.

  1. Asynchronous communication, explained
    What is asynchronous communication?
  2. Asynchronous vs. live communication
    4 hidden advantages that benefit remote companies when they embrace asynchronous communication.
  3. Tools for asynchronous communication
    From Slack to email to other video-based messaging tools, which one is right for which situations?
  4. Opportunities to start using asynchronous messaging
    5 examples of the types of conversation with customers and colleagues where moving to asynchronous comms can really make an impact.
  5. How to shift to asynchronous communication at your remote company
    A simple guide to making the shift to async comms with as little friction as possible.

Give any of these a read. And if you have questions, you know where you can find me, right? That's right – https://zipmessage.com/chris/