How Chris Lema uses ZipMessage for Coaching

Coaches should use ZipMessage

There are a lot of cool products that are getting developed every day. Most of them feel cool for other people. I look. I like. But then I don't do much with them because they don't actually fit into my workflow and make things easier for me. But ZipMessage doesn't fall into that camp. It's an incredibly simple product to use that makes it perfect for coaching.

I want to introduce it to you, focused on how coaches should use ZipMessage, while simultaneously recommending you check it out even if you're not a coach. That's because it is great for sales, pre-sales questions, and so much more (video FAQs anyone?).

ZipMessage is efficient because it's asynchronous

The first thing you need to know is that it's the complete opposite to Zoom. You don't schedule ZipMessage. Instead, like email, you create messages when you want. And you watch them when you want.

It's completely asynchronous – which is particularly important when you can't be interrupted in your day job for coaching which you do in the early mornings or later evenings.

Of course that doesn't stop you from replying quickly after getting a message. The beauty is that you don't have to.

If you look at this image of a conversation I had today, you'll see the timestamps. They're spread out over hours.

You can highlight your expertise with public ZipMessage conversations

What you've already seen would normally be enough. A simple to use, asynchronous video platform should be enough to make you go – I need this. But I feel like Brian, the founder of ZipMessage, really was thinking about ZipMessage for coaches because he created a way for conversations to be made public.

You don't have to make them public. But you can. They show up in a url that has your own brand, and then the name of the conversation – which you can edit.

And then you can go further and add a thumbnail to it, like I did here.

Now why would you want a conversation to be public? I can think of many reasons, including:

  • You want to demonstrate your expertise
  • You want to answer common questions for prospects
  • You want to teach / explain something

That last item brings me to my last point about why ZipMessage is perfect for coaches.

ZipMessage lets you share your video, your screen, and your frameworks

Coaches should use ZipMessage because it's not just a talking head video platform. You can share your screen too. Which means when you have something to teach (like one of my frameworks), you can record yourself explaining it and make it available to your clients (and your prospects)!

The best part is that if you're a coach who has regularly scheduled sessions, ZipMessage lets you navigate all the in-between times when people want a couple minutes of your time. It's not urgent, but this way you don't have to wait a week.

And if you want to connect with prospects, you just give out your url. Like I said, it's great for pre-sales questions.

Let's face it: You should be using ZipMessage for coaching

At a $19 starting price a month, there's really no reason you shouldn't be using ZipMessage. It's a perfect way to stay in touch with your coaching clients, answer quick questions, all while showcasing your expertise.

Want to give it a try? You can reach me at