Four Great Infographic Generators

You don't have to have been born yesterday to know infographics are changing the way businesses market their products and services. They no longer need to give a long presentation in order to explain what they do. Nowadays these organizations can create an infographic that sums up exciting data related to their industry, current pains, and how they can help the customer – easily articulating complicated, detailed information in the process. In the past companies would have a marketing or creative agency create an infographic for them if they were going to use it as a marketing tool, but the widespread availability of infographics generators has changed the way a company handles their infographic needs. No shock I'm telling you about them, since I recorded a video on how to use one recently.

The Benefit of Infographics: Great Storytelling

People talk about infographics as a simple way to easily convey complicated thoughts, data, or procedures. But that's not what I love about them. Instead, what really brings it home to me is the ability to tell a story. If you do it right, a single graphic can have it's own beginning, middle and end – with all the drama needed to help others find them interesting. When I created my Sticky Teaching infographic for a church presentation, it's exactly what I was doing – trying to tell a story.

Why Use an Infographics Generator?

So let's assume you've decided to to create one for your own story. How do you go about doing it? Do you need to find a creative agency? A marketing company? Well, that is certainly an option, and a good one in some cases. But for most of us, that may be overkill or just too expensive. That's why it's worth looking at generators. These generators are very affordable and will help you save a substantial amount of money  – especially if you're going to create multiple infographics.

Here are four to check out

Each of these are relatively easy to use and have a variety of “beginner” templates to get you started. – It's incredibly easy to use. – Producing 30-50 a month? This may be the one. – Beautiful templates get you started quick. – the original with over 40,000 users.

Check them out and let me know if I missed any, or if you have a favorite.