How do you come up with blog topics?

Do you already have a list of blog topics?

Today is 25 days of blogging in a row. Yesterday, after my longer post on the size of the WordPress market for premium plugins, a ready hit reply (to the newsletter) and asked the question, “Do you already have a list of bog topics or are you coming up with stuff each day?”

It's a great question because the biggest challenge I regularly hear is coming up with what to write about.

One of the posts I point people to is here by mention, 47 ways to come up with blog post ideas. It explains how to come up with topics and had a ton of good information.

Here's another one that gives you 169 ideas to help you come up with ideas.

I've created 120 blog topics for you

I'll be honest, when I read those posts that have tons of ideas, most don't help me. I think it's because they're often generic, like “ask your audience,” or “write about yourself,” or “write an opinion.”

But what does that mean? Which opinion? What should I write about, when writing about myself? What I really want, and I assume you would like, is an actual set of blog tops that lead you better than those long lists of ideas.

So I've created 120 blog topics for you. All you have to do is read the topic and write the post.

[tweet “It's not the blog topic that has to be unique. It's your take on the topic that matters.”]

What do you want to read about?

If you get this post in your email, and you have something you'd like me to write about, feel free to hit reply and send me a note. I read them all and often choose topics from them.

Which reminds me, the answer to the original question of how I come up with topics is pretty simple. I keep a notepad of ideas. They come from tweets I read, emails I get, phone call topics and more. Anytime I feel stuck, I open up the notepad and pick from there.