Last Week in WooCommerce: WooCommerce Growth

WooCommerce continues to Grow

In the early years of WooCommerce, folks would characterize it as a solution for tiny stores. Great if you had a blog and wanted to add a store to it – since both your blog and store could run on WordPress.

WooCommerce growth, however, has confounded a number of experts who said it couldn't handle any stores of a serious size.

Every year, around this time, I do an analysis of the stores that we host at Liquid Web / Nexcess – both in our Managed WordPress and our Managed WooCommerce plans. This isn't an ad for those plans, but they do start at $19/month and if you buy a year in advance, you get several months off that price.

This last week I pulled the data below, which suggests WooCommerce isn't just for the small stores anymore.

WooCommerce growth is connected to its ability to handle more than small stores

WooCommerce is no longer just for little stores. I don't know how you define a little store, but we can agree that a million dollar store isn't little, right?

We had more than 100 stores doing over $1,000,000 in revenue last year, with an average order was just under $150.

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What's crazy is that when you compare the stores that did over a million dollars, and the ones that did less, you see the opposite of what most people expect.

The larger stores had twice as many plugins (on average), at 60, instead of 36 for smaller stores. Most stores had catalogs at or less than 200 products. But 10 of the large stores, often generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue, had thousands of products in their catalog.

WooCommerce growth requires the ability to handle large catalogs, a lot of plugins for all sorts of unique features, and still deliver a speedy checkout. The good news is that all of that is happening. (As long as you get the right hosting.)

Searches for WooCommerce keywords are up too!

I don't know if you saw this post about WordPress search trends by Alex Denning. It was published this past week and there's a section in it that looks at WooCommerce search trends. I quote:

Searches for WooCommerce keywords were up 44.30% last year. That outpaces the overall increase in WordPress keywords by over 3x.

The average monthly search volume for Woo keywords in 2020 was 3,764, up from 2,609 in 2019 (44.30% increase). The median monthly search was 600 in 2020, up from 413 in 2019 (45.16% increase).

Alex Denning

WooCommerce Grows Daily

Hosting Tribunal updated their WooCommerce stats two weeks ago. Again, I quote:

– 4,414,537 live websites are currently using WooCommerce.
– WooCommerce is used by 7.4% of all websites.
– WooCommerce powers over 28.19% of all online stores.
– 22% of the top 1 million ecommerce sites use WooCommerce.
– 93.7% of all WordPress ecommerce websites use the WooCommerce plugin.

Hosting Tribunal

What does all this mean for you? The fact that WooCommerce continues to grow is good for store builders and merchants alike, because it's a platform that isn't going away. It continues to evolve and get better over time, with support for larger and larger stores.