Managing user specific content in a WordPress membership site

The Holy Grail: User Specific Content. Everyone asks for it. Most assume it's easy and totally possible. And yet, it's not something that comes with a lot of membership plugins in the WordPress space.

Trust me, I reviewed over 30 of them.

The holy grail, the most requested feature I get, is simply this: user-specific content.

The Idea Is Simple

If you teach guitar, if you manage a fitness membership site, if you give stock tips, or teach people how to sell their homes, you might have created a perfect membership site to share your knowledge.

But then, for some or all your students—your members—you want more. You want a direct relationship with each, with an ability to give them specific content or let them share with you something that isn't for public consumption.

You need a special part of your site that is only available to you and that member.

A user-specific page, just for them, that's created automatically on your site.

There's good news

There's a couple ways of to do it. Today I want to show you how to do it with Paid Memberships Pro.

This ten minute video will walk you thru the specific steps.