Private Content for Each Member on your Site

If you want private content for each different member of your site, this could be very helpful for you.

Individualized Private Content

This is one of those features I've wanted for just about every coaching or mentoring site I've worked on. While not every membership or course site needs it, when you do, it's often been hard to manage from within WordPress.

I'm excited that both LifterLMS and LearnDash are working on private content features for their LMS products. But if you're not using those, until now you've been out of luck.

Not anymore.

Instead of writing you a bunch of words about how it works, I decided today to just walk you thru a demo of this plugin that you can buy on Code Canyon.

That's pretty cool, isn't it?

The plugin supports:

  • Private content for each member of your site
  • Discussion features between the admin and each member
  • Emails that notify members of these messages
  • File exchange between members

Now I have to test to see how well it works with¬†MemberPress and/or Restrict Content Pro. Or better yet, have them build this feature into their plugins….