Quiz Creation in WordPress

Can't I just use a form builder?

Most people, when we're talking about building a WordPress quiz, just tell me they'll do the work in whatever form builder they already own. And you know that the modern form builders for WordPress are powerful.

There are a ton of WordPress form plugins that can do a lot of quiz-like behavior. So how do you compete when millions of people already have a free or premium form builder?

And why do I recommend a dedicated quiz builder?

I've told you before about how I built a recommendation engine using Smart Quiz Builder. In that post I showed you how easy it was.

But the questions still came back? “Can't I just use a form builder?”

So let's answer the question directly.

Three reasons I recommend SQB over form builders

There are three reasons I recommend Smart Quiz Builder over regular form builders.

First: they're easy to use

First, the plugin is really easy to use. But let's be honest. Everyone says that.

Even form builders will tell you they're easy. And for simple forms, they are.

But when it comes to complex forms like a quiz with questions that change based on the previous logic – those are hard to do and rarely easy.

Calculators take work too…

WordPress quiz using Ninja Forms

Above is a photo of the calculator that I built using Ninja Forms to decide how much you should pay for a membership site. It's a bit complex. Can you build it in Ninja Forms? Yes. But can a beginner do it? Not likely. It will take some work.

SQB makes it easy.

Second: quiz variety and conditional logic

Second, the plugin allows you to create a variety of kinds of quizzes with calculations and logic. You won't notice you're building logic chains because they keep the interface simple. But that's what you're doing.

I showed you already how the other form builders work with conditional logic. It's good stuff. But it's not always intuitive. I like how Ninja Forms allows me to create variables to hold values – completely apart from form fields. But few others do this – making it harder with those, but also takes a bit to discover it with Ninja Forms because you're not expecting it.

So if you want to calculate the right solution (as part of a recommendation engine), you're going to need to create some abstraction to hold the points for each option, based on responses, and then present the winner. Ninja Forms would make this easier than most.

But Smart Quiz Builder makes it even easier and faster to create that kind, and many other kinds of quizzes. So quiz variety is the second way it stands apart.

Third: it's all about the looks

The third way that SQB differentiates itself is visually. The output of the quiz doesn't look like a normal form. Most form plugins today look like corporate forms (see the form photo above).

A few will add conversational forms (one question at a time), but that isn't the same as saying the entire experience looks amazing. WPForms and Fluent Forms have this feature.

The quiz builder from SQB is on a different level when it comes to designing your quiz to make it appealing.

Here are three different looks for three different WordPress quizzes that you can see on their site.

Standard looking WordPress quiz
The Simple Look
Jazzy WordPress quiz
The Spiced Up Look (totally customizable)
Full page width WordPress quiz
The Full Page Width Look

SQB focuses on making the entire quiz and final result look great. And that means people will be more inclined to share it.

The best way to build a WordPress quiz

Many people already use WordPress form builders. But they struggle to create quizzes easily and quickly. Others use platforms like Typeform because they can go on any platform (not knowing that SQB works this way too, if you want that).

But the best approach isn't another form builder. It's not an online form platform. It's a dedicated quiz plugin that helps you create powerful quizzes that people love and share.


  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Visually engaging
  • Great for lead generation


  • Doesn't support FluentCRM yet (but it will soon)
  • It's not free (but worth the low price)

Smart Quiz Builder

The leading product in the market for WordPress quizzes. It makes it easy to create multiple kinds of quizzes without any coding at all.

Four Kinds of QuizzesPersonality, Surveys, Assessments, and Scoring quizzes
Conditional LogicChange the questions based on answers
Lead GenerationCollect lead info before the reveal

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