Running WooCommerce Campaigns

Last week we talked about post-purchased offers. But what about pre-purchase offers? In other words, how do you make running WooCommerce campaigns easier?

Let's start by making sure we're all clear on what I mean by a WooCommerce campaign. Assume we want to promote a product – like an iPhone case, a t-shirt, or your new eBook. Doesn't matter what it is. But you'll likely have to do several things in this campaign before you can launch it.

When running Woocommerce campaigns, you likely have to answer the following questions:

  1. Which product(s) am I promoting?
  2. Where (what pages) am I going to promote it on?
  3. What kind of promotion am I creating (discount)?
  4. What rules / conditions will apply to the discount?
  5. What will the coupon code be?
  6. Will the coupon code be scoped (by product, category, or # of uses)?

At this point, you're likely nodding your head. We've all been there and had to answer these questions. But running a campaign requires even more.

  1. Someone has to write the headline for the campaign
  2. Someone has to create the graphic for the campaign
  3. Someone has to determine if we're using a banner, pop up, or on-page ad
  4. Based on that decision, someone has to design it (and the CSS that goes with it)

Yes. Yes. Yes. You know all of this and it all sounds too familiar, right? But wait….there's more.

  1. You need to write the call to action
  2. You need to link the call to action to the product
  3. You need to make sure you can track the campaign (vs non-campaign purchases)

Are we tired yet? Because I haven't even started talking about:

  1. Someone will need to create reporting (for tracking)
  2. Someone will likely need to create A/B tests

So, that's what I mean when I say that running WooCommerce campaigns are work. That's just the first 15 things that came to mind as I started typing. I'm sure I missed a few.

Are all the good ideas taken?

The other day I wrote a reply to the question of whether all the good ideas were already taken. It's a question I hear all the time. And my reply is that there's always room for more products that deliver great value.

[tweet “Good products come from paying close attention to repetitive work – work that is essential for success.”]

But as I wrote in that post, sometimes you have to create a more focused solution that solves a direct pain, in order to find your product spot.

When I listed the 15 things above, I'm sure you started wondering….wait, is there a product that now takes care of all of this? I know I would wonder that. Otherwise, why enumerate all the work?

Good products come from paying close attention to repetitive work – work that is essential for success. If the work isn't essential, then no one wants a product to solve / assist with it. If it's not repetitive, it's hard to build a solution that can take care of it.

It's even better if there is some amount of pain / frustration linked to the work. And you know what I'm talking about when I talk about the pain of running a WooCommerce campaign. That list above may have had you twitching… 🙂

Welcome to Offermative

A few months ago I met with my buddy Nirav to talk about a product idea that he had. He was already deep into building this solution. As we walked thru it, I was blown away – by its specificity to solve a specific problem.

The product is called offermative. It's free and available right now.

The list of features is too long to copy from their site to my blog. But let's be clear – it lets you fill in a few details and then automatically generates everything you need to run WooCommerce campaigns easily. From design, to copy, from discounts to pop-ups, from placement to reporting – offermative takes care of everything for you.

They say it best in this call to action.

Thousands of dollars in minutes of work. Pretty much a no-brainer, right?