Team Discounts using Automator & Coupons

Imagine you wanted to create an online course that you were going to sell with WooCommerce. This is a request I get all the time. But then you get a more nuanced request – how do I sell team access, in fixed amounts. What they mean is selling a product that is a 5-seat license, or a 10-seat license. How do you pull that off? And today I want to show you by giving those members team discounts using Uncanny Automator and WooCommerce Coupons.

First, the Setup

I'm going to create several products.

  • Single User Course Access – $129
  • Team Access (5 Users) – $499
  • Team Access (10 Users) – $750

The first is the normal single user access to the course. The next two are the team accounts. But I'm going to create one more account – that's the version I send to team members to “buy” with their special discount. I price that one at $1000 so that no one wanders in accidentally. I hide it from the store, but it's there and available. And I'm not really worried because I'm going to use WooCommerce coupons to bring that price to zero.

Now We Use Automator to Create the Coupon We Want

Automator is perfect for this role. It lets me create team discounts easily by using a special trigger that occurs whenever someone buys the 5 seat license. You'll see that in the image below. Once it notices a multi-seat license was purchased, it knows to create the coupon.

One of the important dynamics to note when creating this coupon for the team discount is that I'm going to make it 100%. I don't want team members to have to pay anything. This is perfect for organizational purchases.

But you can't just go around giving out 100% off coupons. So Automator is going to limit the coupon's use to the product I created specifically for these team members (remember the $1000 product).

And since this was the 5 seat license, it's going to limit how many people can use this in one of the configuration fields below. I make it 4 because the buyer is automatically given one seat. But you may want to make it 5 and not assume the buyer gets access. That's up to you.

Then Send the Team Discount

The last step in the process is to notify the buyer that they should send the coupon code to their team members and give them a link (I didn't link below, but you should do that) to the product you want them to buy.

Make This Even Better

The other day I told you how to use Automator to support buyers making their purchase on one site (with WooCommerce) and enrolling them into a course on their subdomain.

That makes things even clear. Here's the instructions for running an LMS on a subdomain.