The Most Popular Posts in 2021

The Most Popular Posts in 2021

Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors Have Spoken

I've told you before that I use Fathom Analytics. So today I looked at the year in review, as I've written a blog post every day this year, to find which posts were the most viewed / most read. Here are the most popular posts on the blog in this calendar year (defined by visits).

The Top Ten Posts This Year

Of the top 10 posts, two weren't written this year. That surprised me a bit. But you'll see the dates on those. The rest were all this year's posts.

1. Don't Confuse Memberships & Subscriptions

In this post I tell you why these two terms aren't the same. And encourage you to make sure that your subscription solutions are also solving the membership part of the equation.

2. Writing Difficult Emails

Having tough conversations and writing tough emails are one of those things I often talk about but rarely write about. So here was one of my communication-oriented posts to help.

3. Comparing WordPress Membership Plugins in 2021

If you were a blog reader in the old days (2011, 2012, 2013) then you knew to expect a post like this comparing the membership plugins that are available for WordPress. I'll probably do it again in 2022.

4. Second Mover Advantages

Everyone says that the first mover gets all the advantages but in this post I highlight three advantages from being a second mover. It surprised me that this is one of the most popular posts on the site, but I think that's good news.

5. Should I Use Jetpack on my Site? (2017)

Over the years I've heard a lot of people talk poorly about Jetpack, and I've moved my thinking from not using it to recommending it in many cases, but it still shocked me to see this older post as one of the top posts. I guess people still have the question.

6. Comparing Form Conditional Logic

I know I didn't have every single form plugin listed in this article, but that didn't stop a lot of people from getting to the material and reviewing the comparison. I had another comparison post on forms that was also popular.

7. Building a Quiz-based Recommendation Engine

I loved sharing this post because so many people want to create this kind of solution and didn't realize that there was a really easy way to do it. I was thrilled to see this in the top list of popular posts on the site.

8. Seven Tips for Telling Stories on Zoom (2020)

I'm pretty sure the only reason this post became popular this year is because my buddy Mitch sends people this way. The fact that most of us were still on Zoom all year long probably also helped.

9. This Site Now Runs on Blocksy

I really like Astra and have recommended it for years. My company also bought Kadence and I think it's fantastic. But for me, I fell in love with Blocksy and was happy to share the news with folks.

10. Estimating – The Problem We All Face

A more recent post jumped towards the top of the ranking, suggesting that there's still a group of agency owners or software developers reading the blog. Great news to see that.

What Do You Notice?

If you're like me, you'll quickly notice that the top ten posts weren't all WordPress-centric. I think it means that this year's focus on more than just WordPress worked pretty well. Which likely means making a bit of an adjustment to the site's design. But that's a topic for another day.

Were there topics I never covered? Hit me up on Twitter or hit reply in your email to tell me what you would like to hear about.