The Perfect WooCommerce Chatbot

I've been on a Quest for the Perfect WooCommerce Chatbot

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may remember my post in April about my efforts to find the right chatbot for WooCommerce. I shared with you my efforts and, ultimately, my disappointment as I had yet to find the perfect WooCommerce chatbot.

It was funny because a couple months later, there were folks emailing me asking if I had found it yet. And a developer friend of mine asked as well – which made me wonder if he was going to build one.

It's been months and I thought I was never going to find it. Until I got a tweet from someone I didn't know. And they pointed me to something they were working on. A solution, I think, that just might deliver on all of my criteria.

A Quick Reminder of My Criteria

So let's do a quick review of what I told you last time I was looking for.

  1. Pre-existing templates supporting advanced workflows – I don't want to have to start from scratch building my own workflow for basics that everyone knows about.
  2. Deep integration with WooCommerce – I don't want a solution that says it's for WooCommerce but it's really just for any cart and I have to do extra work (or add extra code) to make it Woo aware.
  3. Ability to check product inventory – I'll say it again for the cheap seats – everyone asks if a particular product is available. It's the most often asked question. So the chatbot should answer it without me having to do any work.
  4. Ability to offer coupons for abandoned cart recovery – I would like it to offer discounts but I'm not sure if I have clarity on how I want this to work yet. More to come on this at some point.
  5. Ability to make product recommendations – When a person asks questions, I want it to be able to direct people to products. Especially my featured products.
  6. Ability to check order status – The second most common question is an inquiry on order status. I want that directly out of the box.

As I've looked for the perfect WooCommerce chatbot, the only dynamic that needs greater clarity for me is #4. Not because of the chatbot itself, but because I need to get more clear on what I want. Do I want it to offer it to returning customers who left a cart abandoned, or do I want it to catch you as you're leaving? Those are very different situations.

Let me Introduce you to the Perfect WooCommerce Chatbot

You'll recall that I tried several already:

Those were the early efforts. Then I looked at a couple more. And now, I think I found what I had been looking for.

It's called Xatkit and it's amazing!

Everything in my list (except for my #4 which needs more work from my side) is included already. No work. It does it all. Check out what happened after I registered for a new chatbot with Xatkit.

Pre-Configured Templates for Conversations

One of the biggest issues I mentioned last time was the need for things to just work. Well, these guys get it. Right away, upon logging into their dashboard, here's what I see.

And when you open any of these dialogues up, you can edit the text but it's already there. Remember my desire to have order status all pre-configured already?

It's pretty great when you don't have to do anything and the bot is already helping you and working on your behalf.

But it gets better.

Custom Q&A Scripts

If you look at the bottom right of your screen, you might see my little C/L logo. Click it and the bot will wake up. Now do this. Ask this question.

What formats do your eBooks come in?

It's one of the questions I get a lot. When you ask, you'll get an answer. How? Because Xatkit allows me to create simple Q&A scripts – which really does make this the perfect WooCommerce chatbot.

It listens to any of those versions of the question and gives you an answer.

Want to have more fun? Ask this.

Do you sell eBooks?

It will show you three products and the middle one is the bundle (and cheapest). As you click it, I added an additional routing (different plugin) to take you from the product page over to the landing page instead. And presto, this little chatbot is selling for me.

I'm not done playing with Xatkit

I honestly believe I may have found the perfect WooCommerce chatbot. But I'm not done investigating it. So far though I have to be honest. This has been the easiest product to use (or test) with the fastest configuration, delivering the most value. That's saying a lot.

So if you've been on the same journey as I have, make sure you check out Xatkit.