Constant Discovery

Introducing You to New Products

One of my favorite things is to introduce people to new companies and products that they don't know about. It is part of the way I feel like I can be helpful. But it often results in me having way too many tabs open.

How do I do it?

It's actually pretty simple. I am active on Twitter, and involved in a few Facebook groups. In those “communities” I pay attention to any reference of a product or company that I have never heard of.

When I hear something new, I open a tab and search for the product or company. Finding it, I bookmark it (in case all my tabs crash), in a category called “New Stuff.”

Then in the evenings and weekends, I dig in more. Sometimes it means signing up for a free trial. Other times it means reading reviews. Occasionally I'm excited enough to make a purchase.

Either way, I get to know the products. More importantly, I look for what they do well, and where they won't work so well. That's the whole point of being able to make an intelligent recommendation – knowing where to apply it best.

My Ten Questions

When I find a new solution, I ask a series of questions:

  1. Who did they build this for?
  2. Who did they not build this for?
  3. What problem are they solving?
  4. What problems are they not solving?
  5. How long does it take to learn?
  6. How well have they documented things?
  7. Where will this fit perfectly?
  8. Where will this not work?
  9. How much does this cost?
  10. Does the price change who I recommend it for?

Recent New Discoveries

Over the last few months I've told you about many of these new discoveries. Here they are – with links to their sites, but also links to where I've written about them already.

So there you have it – my ten questions and ten of my latest discoveries. I hope one of these (or more) is new to you. Check them out.