Last Week in WooCommerce: GoDaddy doubles eCommerce plugins available

GoDaddy doubles Ecommerce plugins available

If you've worked with WooCommerce for any amount of time, you've likely purchased a WooCommerce extension from the SkyVerge team. The code is great. The team is great. The support is great.

Last September you may have read the post by WPTavern, which reported that GoDaddy had acquired SkyVerge – which was great news for SkyVerge, great news for GoDaddy, and now with the latest announcement, great news for GoDaddy customers.

Last week it was announced that GoDaddy has made the SkyVerge extensions available to their customers, doubling the number of eCommerce plugins available.

This follows the non-eCommerce news they just released about The Hub.

It's been a long time since I've written about GoDaddy

The last time I wrote about GoDaddy was when my buddies Jeff King and Mendel Kurland were still there. That was a long time ago! But over the last couple years, they've been working hard to re-establish themselves as a solution that works well for many of the people in the ecosystem that I write for.

Now, you might think that my company competes with them. That my products compete with what they're doing. But you'd be surprised. Because we often don't see the same customers. It's a function of price points.

Which is great news! There are products available for people at every price point in the game.

And even though I've been on a team that has built our own version of a Managed WooCommerce offering (that competes with this GoDaddy solution), and even though our team has designed our own bundles, this is a welcome addition to the space.

You might wonder why I think it's good news, and I'll tell you. The overall goal that I have, that we have, and that GoDaddy has, along with the Automattic folks behind WooCommerce – is to grow the number of people building and running WooCommerce stores.

This isn't a zero sum game. The more companies thinking about bundling, the more companies trying to create a complete solution for merchants, the more people out there trying to make it easier, the better it is for everyone!

This is why GoDaddy doubling the number of eCommerce plugins available (by giving customers access to SkyVerge) is great news.

What does it mean for you?

More plugins isn't always the answer. As you can see from my silly image – it's always a matter of performance. If you want more features, you'll add more plugins. Those plugins might be the exact features you need to drive more conversions.

But the balance is precarious, because one more plugin (this time poorly coded) could slow your store down, and that will kill conversion.

So GoDaddy giving you access to everything SkyVerge created is awesome, but that doesn't mean you should activate them all on your site.

More plugins isn't always the answer. And it can surely be the thing that kills your store.