The Secret to Blogging Daily

Want to write more consistently?

Years ago I wrote a post with 5 tips for blogging more and better. I can't believe that was 2014 – 7 years ago! Today I want to dig deeper into the tactics of how to set yourself up for success if you want to publish a new post more often. Blogging daily is work – and may not be fore you. But if you want to write more consistently, these tips should help.

Every topic can be tackled from multiple angles

I write a lot about WordPress. You can suggest that my blog is focused on that. But there are a lot of different angles to this WordPress community. While I leave news to WP Tavern and Post Status, there's still a ton of ways to dig into the community.

I write for agencies that are focused in the space. I write to product folks that are in the space. I write about tips for using some of the most popular or some of the newest products in the space. I write about content creation for those doing content marketing in the space.

When you pick a space, it can't be too small or you'll run out of stuff to write. And it can't be so big that you never attract an audience. Finding your space and spot is work. But it's the first thing you have to get right if you want to write more consistently.

For me, my topics are:

Having these categories of posts helps me move around, which also helps keep me from being bored.

Build lists of post ideas

It's really hard to come up with post topics on the fly. If there's one secret to blogging daily it's that you need a list of blog topics. No more staring at a blank screen.

Instead, use any kind of notepad to keep a log of every idea that hits you. Put enough notes down so you can remember the topic later. And then when it's time to write, look at the list to see if any (or which one) inspire you to write.

I've given you topics before. Here they are to remind you again.

And don't forget that I've already given you two additional cheat codes when you run out of ideas.

Blogging daily is easier with frames

Again, I told you about frames in 2014. The concept is simple. By defining common structures to the different kinds of posts you create, the work of writing goes much faster. It's almost like you're filling in the blanks.

In this post I introduce you to one particular frame. But I've also created a lot of different frames for the kinds of posts I write. Here are two you've likely seen before, if you've been in any of my blogging talks or courses.

The first is how I shape my “how to” posts.

The second is how I shape my product review posts.

But you can create your own frames. All I know is that when it comes time to write, it goes faster because I have a map for my content.

Lastly, get comfy with your voice

I've told you before that there are tricks for finding your blogging voice. At the core, the more you write, the easier it is to feel comfortable in your own shoes. Writing and putting your ideas out there is tough work – because people will disagree with you (and sometimes not very politely).

That's when you start to second-guess yourself.

The trick to blogging daily, or writing more consistently, is to get comfortable with your own opinion. With writing it, instead of staying safe (and boring).

Don't switch from your talking voice to your writing voice. Stay with your talking voice and write like you're having a conversation with someone.

And don't self-edit. At least not while you're writing. The more you do it, the easier it gets. But it will never be “easy.” It will just get faster and you'll get more comfortable.

Hope these tips help!